We Like… twisted wood stools

We love these twist wood stools. This wooden stool makes a nice statement and are versatile! They can be used as end tables to sofas, additional seating, or  in multiples of 3 as coffee tables. They come in different heights. Check them out here – click on the image for finding more designs:


Occupied home staging in rural area

Completed today an occupied staging. In particular I love the rooms that I staged as teen boys, the teen girls and the kids girls room, and then I have some surprise rooms that are so perfect for this more rural area targeted to a family….will share some photos soon.

Never Sell a Home Without Furniture

I just found this interview with Barbara Corcoran answering home sellers’ questions – “should I take all the furniture out of the house?” This week I had a meeting with a real estate agent this week where this house was put on the market while the home sellers where still living in it. “Then they…


Staging for opposite demographics

Last week’s staging was a lot of fun. I had to make this apartment appeal to young professionals commuting into NYC and older people who are retired and are looking to downsize. Since there are stairs in the apartment to get to the bedrooms I think it is more for the younger professionals, but I…