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Birgit Anich is an accomplished artist and photographer who began her craft at 8 years old when she was given her first camera. She immediately fell in love with capturing lines and details, as seen in architecture, interiors and landscapes. This interest led to her discovery and passion for interiors and design, and ultimately into her career as a Home Staging and Interior Designer.

Later in life Birgit began painting as another creative outlet and hobby. After founding her company, BA Staging & Interiors, and facing the challenges of finding the “perfect” piece of artwork for her clients’ homes, Birgit began using her skills to create custom, one-of-a-kind artwork for her projects. The majority of projects done by BA Staging & Interiors feature one or more original works by Birgit.

Birgit enjoys creating paintings and artwork with mixed and repurposed materials from her business that would otherwise be thrown away. This includes old canvases, packaging and shipping materials, and unusable parts. Through her creativity and resourcefulness, Birgit creates truly unique works of art that are both beautiful and sustainable.

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