Our BA LUXURY home stagings are luxurious homes with medium and large size rooms. Typically these properties are listed at $1.25 million and above.

Luxurious and sophisticated inventory, curated artwork and layered decor define these stagings. These homes fully engage the emotions and aspirations of high-end buyers.

Our BA VILLA home stagings are higher end condos, town houses, and houses with mostly medium size rooms and a maximum of 3500 sf. The listing price usually exceeds $550K.

These homes feature furniture, art selection and decor that are layered with a mid-upscale feeling.

The BA COTTAGE Package is intended for small apartments, townhouses, smaller houses and flipped properties. These homes are typically less than 2500 sf and are listed up to $550K.

These stagings include chic and smaller scaled furniture, properly scaled and beautiful artwork and simple yet stylish décor.

Our BA MODEL homes are for model home staging and design.