DIY Staging Consult

This staging consultation is ideal for those who are looking for DIY guidance on how to get their home ready for sale. One of our experts will walk through your property with you and give immediate feedback on furniture placement, accessories and décor, painting, minor updates and overall recommendations and tips. Based on the expert advice received during the consultation you will have the roadmap of what to do get your property ready for the real estate market.
BA DIY Staging Consult Service
BA Lightning consult Service

Lighting Consult

Light fixtures are the jewels of the home. When selling real estate, existing light fixtures can make your home look very dated. Updating your light fixtures is an easy way to add value to your property… but selecting fixtures can be a painful and lengthy process. Is it the right size? The right color? Does it give enough light? Is it the right style for the target buyers, or is it too modern, or too traditional? Does it work well with the architecture? Which finish is best? Is it suitable for outdoors? What is the rating? How much should I spend?

So many questions need to be answered when choosing the proper light fixture. We can assist you with this and provide you with selection options for your property or new construction. You will be provided with a personal suggestions report that includes direct links to where you can purchase these items. Available in-person and virtual.

Paint Color Consult

Our color consultation service includes a one time visit by one of our color experts to your property. We will recommend specific colors for your space and give you advise on how to test paint colors properly. You will receive a color specs sheet that you can give directly to your painter, and you will make the final color choice decision.

BA Paint color Consult Service
Consultation Photo prep Service

Listing Photo Prep

Get Your Home Photo Shoot Ready in 1 Day!

Your online listing is one of the most important factors when selling your home. Having professional photographs of your property online is key to attracting the most potential buyers and in-person visits… but a photograph is only as good as what goes into the camera!

Our Photo Prep service will take all of the stress and effort out of preparing your home for photographs.

The process is easy: A team of 2 staging experts will come to your property and use their advanced lifestyle merchandising techniques to strategically prep your home with what you already have.

At the end of the day you will have a home that will photograph beautifully, and provide buyers with a memorable experience while viewing your listing online.
  • Photo Prep After Consultation: $450+tax for first 2 hours (minimum), $200+
    tax each additional hour
  • Photo Prep Without prior Consultation: $650+tax for first 2.5 hours (minimum),
    $200+ tax each additional hour
For ideal results, we highly recommend this service as a follow up to a DIY Staging Consultation. During the Consultation, we will give immediate feedback on furniture placement, accessories and décor, painting, minor updates, and overall recommendations and tips. We may also recommend additional accessories, décor or items that you can purchase to further enhance your property for photographs. By having a Consultation prior to the Photo Prep, home sellers are able to address most concerns on their own, and only expert finishing touches and final tweaks are required during the Photo Prep. 

Homes without a prior Consultation will need more time on Photo Prep day, may have concerns that are too late to be addressed, and will not receive the best results. Please keep this in mind before booking Photo Prep without a Consultation.