Vacant Staging for Luxury Properties

Our Luxury Division provides lifestyle merchandising that caters specifically to the high expectations of luxury property buyers. Our customized luxury home staging designs combined with high end, elegant carefully curated and continuously updated inventory create an exceptional and warm atmosphere which buyers want to call their HOME.

Our Luxury Division is for high-end properties listed at $1.25 million and above or properties with luxurious appeal.

Sophisticated inventory, curated artwork and layered décor creates a sensory and aspirational experience for discerning buyers.

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Vacant Staging for All Property Sizes

Our Vacant Staging services are for unoccupied properties of all property sizes, from homes, townhouses and condos. Unique furniture, artwork and décor is layered to create an emotional connection to the target buyer.

Model Home Staging

Our Model Home Staging services are for apartment-building and multi-units community developers and investors. Our staging of model homes goes into even deeper details to provide the full lifestyle experience, showcasing possibilities for upsells to your potential home buyers. Typically every room is being staged with the target buyer demographics and psychographics in mind. Upscale furniture, artwork and décor are layered to create a HOME feeling and emotional connection to potential buyers.
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Commercial Staging

Don’t leave money on the table trying to sell a vacant commercial property! Staging increases the perceived value, provides solutions to potential buyers, leads to more and higher offers and faster sales. Furnished spaces actually appear much larger than vacant ones, and this will be a key factor when selling your commercial property! This service is perfect for:
  • ZProfessional Services Office Spaces
  • ZSmall Retail Stores
  • ZMulti-Family Properties