Did you ever wonder how our home staging company comes up with so many different staging design plans? Yes, BA Staging & Interiors designs each house differently. No house that we stage looks the same as another one. We do not believe in cookie-cutter-stagings for the simple reason that we want to make YOUR house stands out from your competition. We do not want houses that we stage compete with each other. Especially nowadays, where so many new constructions and remodeled homes have very little distinctions in their appearance. They have the same gray or white paint color scheme, similar white kitchen, similar bathrooms,….. If they then are also staged with a cookie-cutter approach, properties start blending together in home buyers minds. YOUR property will not stand out from your competition.

Hence we are giving each real estate property a different look to GIVE YOUR PROPERTY ITS OWN IDENTITY. Our goal is to make home searchers STOP AND LOOK at YOUR photo gallery on MLS. We want to evoke their interest, so your home ends up on their “to-visit-list”. After all, with internet being the number one search tool for home buyers, YOU CAN LOSE A SALE BY ONE CLICK ON THE MOUSE. Once home searchers are coming to your property we want them to FEEL home. Each detail that we use in our staging designs counts. It’s worth saying as a disclaimer that no matter how good your property appears in a photo, anyone who chooses to buy will conduct a building inspection before they put down their deposit, so it is imperative that your property is well maintained. If, for example, you live in Australia, and they are employing Dandenong’s number one building inspector, then no matter how you stage your house, if there are any underlying problems, they are not going to buy.

How did we design the staging for this property in Greenwich?

This is a recent property that we staged in Cos Cob. It has been completely remodeled.

Staging in Cos Cob

We take into account the exterior and interior architecture of the property. Each house is different, has different appeal and features that we draw from. But most importantly, we understand what the most likely buyers of the property are looking for. Taking all this into account, we are also looking for inspiration inside the property.

The inspiration for this property came from this unique feature wall, which is part of the original house. The texture and color together with the fireplace mantle give this home a very special vibe. We designed this living room with a mid-century modern aesthetic. This was the jumping off point for our design inspiration.

Mid-Century modern living and dining room.

Greenwich home staging - living room

Even the retro cereal box adds another detail for a complete look

which we then also carried through the rest of the house.

In the family room we introduced some soothing blue hues using an open floor plan that is very practical and will be the center for family entertainment.

Family room

The master bedroom also has a modern and relaxing mid-century modern appeal.

Master Bedroom – mid-century modern

Modern Fireplace Decor

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