Vacant Houses, New Constructions, Model Home Staging

Vacant properties are difficult to sell. Their lack of definition of space, scale and emotional connections make it very difficult for buyers to envision how they will be able to live in that property. Research shows that only 10% of buyers can envision the potential of a space if not presented with a great solution. In addition our staging designs give them a lifestyle experience through emotional appeal.

Our vast warehouse of astonishing furniture, artwork, rugs, and accessories enable us to create aspiring spaces with style and harmony to entice nowadays highly demanding home buyers.

Whether an apartment, small home, or a 10,000 sf house, we give every property a personalized designer look.



 Review My Listing – Online Listing Assessment – DIY Staging Plan

This is not an ordinary staging consultation! Review My Listing is a revolutionary assessment of visual market/showcasing-readiness of real estate properties that are about to be listed for sale or are already on the market.

We can assess your property regardless of location!

Your property will be given an “ATTRACTABILITY SCORE”, which indicates how visually attractable your property in its current state is to potential buyers. During the assessment the property will be rated from many angles including curb appeal, colors, flow, features, furnishing & decor and many more.

Then you will receive a COMPETITIVE ACTION PLAN, which provides you with specific action items for each room to increase your ATTRACTABILITY RATING.

This Review My Listing detailed report will give you the necessary roadmap for getting your home ready for a successful sale. Without a plan in place you will always second-guess yourself and make uneducated choices about what needs to be done. Generic online articles and recommendations do not address what YOUR PROPERTY specifically needs—how much or how little you need to do to get your home ready for sale. We provide you with all the specifics, saving you time and money.

BA LUXE – Luxury Home Staging

While Luxury home buyers have very high expectations, they also have many properties to choose from.

Our BA LUXE brand provides luxury merchandising that caters specifically to the high expectations of luxury property buyers. Our customized luxury home staging designs combined with high end, elegant and continuously updated inventory create an exceptional and warm atmosphere which buyers want to call their HOME.



Luxury home buyers have very high expectations. Our BA LUXE brand provides luxury merchandising that caters specifically to the high expectations of luxury property buyers.

Color Consultation

We offer two levels of color consultation:


This includes a one time visit to your property. We will recommend you specific colors for your space and give you advise on how to test paint. You will make the final color choice decision.


A full color consultation involves multiple trips to your property to select colors. We will then return after test painting, make adjustments if needed, and make the final color decision.



When selling a home making the right paint color decisions is an important ingredient of the presentation of your home. Do you know which colors are best for a house sale?


360 TOUR

Home sellers can tour the property from the comfort of their sofa!


These tours provide an interactive experience to potential buyers and can be used to stand out from other homes.
To support our clients during the difficult times of COVID-19, we are offering 360 Tours for free for all properties we stage over the next 3 months (until 6/15/2020). This allows home sellers to continue to provide tours of their homes without open houses. Home sellers can tour the property from the comfort of their sofa! They can “enter” each room, spin the rooms around to their liking and explore.