Vacant Houses, New Constructions, Model Home Staging

Vacant properties are difficult to sell. Their lack of definition of space, scale and emotional connections make it very difficult for buyers to envision how they will be able to live in that property. Research shows that only 10% of buyers can envision the potential of a space if not presented with a great solution. In addition our staging designs give them a lifestyle experience through emotional appeal.

Our vast warehouse of astonishing furniture, artwork, rugs, and accessories enable us to create aspiring spaces with style and harmony to entice nowadays highly demanding home buyers.

Whether an apartment, small home, or a 10,000 sf house, we give every property a personalized designer look.

INVESTMENT: project specific pricing



Luxury home buyers have very high expectations. Our BA LUXE brand provides luxury merchandising that caters specifically to the high expectations of luxury property buyers.

BA LUXE – Luxury Vacant Home Staging

While Luxury home buyers have very high expectations, they also have many properties to choose from.

Our BA LUXE brand provides luxury merchandising that caters specifically to the high expectations of luxury property buyers. Our customized luxury home staging designs combined with high end, elegant and continuously updated inventory create an exceptional and warm atmosphere which buyers want to call their HOME.

INVESTMENT: project specific pricing



In-House DIY Staging Consultation

This verbal staging consultation is ideal for those who are looking for DIY guidance on how to get their home ready for sale. One of our experts will walk through your property with you and give immediate feedback on furniture placement, accessories and color suggestions, and overall recommendations and staging tips. Based on the expert advice received during the consultation you have the roadmap of what to do get your property ready for the real estate market.

INVESTMENT:  starting at $300



When selling a home making the right paint color decisions is an important ingredient of the presentation of your home. Do you know which colors are best for a house sale?

Color Consultation

This includes a one time visit of our color consultation expert to your property. We will recommend you specific colors for your space and give you advise on how to test paint. You will make the final color choice decision. You will receive a color specs sheet that you can give directly to your painter.

INVESTMENT: $350 – (additional travel charge may apply for properties more than 20 miles away)



Lighting fixtures are the jewels of a home.

Lighting Fixtures Consultation

Lighting fixtures are the jewels of a home. When selling your real estate your existing lighting fixtures can make your home look very dated. Updating your lighting fixtures is an easy update that will add value to your property. But Selecting lighting fixtures can be a very painful and lengthy process. Is it the right size? The right color? Does it give enough light? Is it the right style for the target buyers, or too modern, too traditional? Does it work with the architecture? Which finish? Is it suitable for outdoors? What about damp rating? Oh – too expensive, too cheap? …. so many questions need to be answered when choosing a lighting fixture.
We can assist you with this and provide you with selection options specifically for your property or new construction. You will be provided with your personal suggestions report that includes direct links to where you can purchase these items.


INVESTMENT: starting at $250 

for in-person consultation – additional travel charge may apply for properties more than 20 miles away


instaHOME - eDesign for Living & Rental Properties

Our instaHOME is an affordable option to traditional design and gives you the flexibility to purchase at your own pace.

instaHOME – eDESIGN for Living or Rental Properties

Our instaHOME eDesign is an affordable option to traditional design and is the perfect solution for do-it-yourself homeowners, vacation or furnished rental property owners.

Our instaHOME packages give you the flexibility to design a single space or an entire home. It is simple – you provide us with photos and measurements of your space/s and your inspiration as well as the budget that you have in mind. After you have completed a short questionnaire our team will then get started.

You will receive a space plan, inspiration board, and a shopping list of stylish suggestions for your home or rental property. You can then purchase and execute the plan at your own pace.

It’s that simple!