“Wow. Wow. Wow. I interviewed a handful of stagers and chose Birgit because her inventory didn’t seem to repeat itself in the various jobs she’s done. I am beyond pleased with her work. The pieces she’s brought are sophisticated and look very expensive. Her attention to details is impressive. She’s got a Channel coffee table book in the living room and a Puppy Love coffee table book in the great room, plus the cutest little kiddie sandals and coat in the mud room. (Can you say: emotional connection!) She took my beautiful $1.5M Greenwich house “up a notch” and made it truly aspirational. And all without attitude because the house is only 1.5 — it is Fairfield County after all.”

Julie Y.Real Estate Investor – Greenwich, CT

“I hired Birgit Anich to stage my house in Connecticut. She did an amazing job and really lifted the place to a whole new level. I was on the fence about staging due to the cost. After she shared her ideas I knew it would make a difference. We were competing in a high end market and had to ensure the house was in showroom condition. We sold on the first day and could not be happier with the result. Birgit now consults for me as an interior designer. I love her ideas and amazing attention to detail.”

Chris L.Home Seller

“I am a Realtor and I recently recommended Birgit Anich Staging & Interiors to a client who was thinking of selling his house. The house was rather large and somewhat unfurnished. Despite having rather interesting architecture, the lack of “decorating” really made this extraordinary house seem quite typical and not worth much more than my client had paid for it about 18 months earlier.When my client met Birgit and she was able to detail her vision for the space, my client very smartly hired her on the spot and he and I both agree it was the BEST thing he ever could have done!Birgit highlighted the stunning and unusual architectural elements of the house. The transformation was so unbelievable, it completely elevated the home into a much higher than anticipated selling-price category.”

Susan H.Realtor – Westport, CT

“I worked with Birgit on a large art project for a client’s main dinning room. Her knowledge and direction helped me vision the outcome of what the client was in need of. She’s a inspirational person who’s very creative. Birgit can take any space and make it bring it beyond the expectation of your imagination. I highly recommend her.”

David MoricoArtist

“The open house went very well. The brokers that had originally priced the house a month ago did not recognize it! The change of colors in the dining room and master bedroom and taking away any clutter made a huge difference. The house really looked great and the brokers really liked it. Thank you for all your help.”

Lynn S.Real Estate Agent - Greenwich, CT

“Birgit staged our house in preparation for the quick sale we wanted. She understood the target audience and worked with us to find the look and make the changes we would need to ensure the sale happened in a timely fashion. She helped work around some “challenging” aspects to our house (dated bathrooms) in a cost-effective way and guided us to make cost-effective changes (paint, cleaning, carpet removal) that had a huge impact. She moved at a very speedy pace along with us and the outcome was a beautifully staged home that saw numerous offers within week one of our selling process. We are grateful!”

JessyHome Seller - Weston, CT

“Birgit did an amazing job for us, and made it so easy when we were in transition and occupied with other things. She made our house look welcoming, but still spacious. We had no offers in the first three months, and as soon as we staged it we received two. Thanks, Birgit!”

Christina B.Home Seller – Redding, CT

“I had an old, cramped, poorly planned, completely dysfunctional galley kitchen. Birgit came in, took pictures and measurements, and a few days later had a design for me that was logical, easy to implement for both the architect and the general contractor, worked well within my space constraints and budget, and yet turned my kitchen into a completely different place. Her ideas were brilliant. I love my kitchen now, thanks to Birgit!”

Jacquline M.Design Client – Norwalk, CT